Starship Survival

Starship Survival is a local multiplayer game that was designed and prototyped at Castle Jam 2015 by Milan Grajetzki, Gian Dbeis, Andreas Schönau, Svavar Melberg and myself. Players get a duel screen experience by using their phones as a screen and input device and a TV screen to display the action. Players must navigate the ship repairing rooms as they become broken to keep their ship flying. The game was created in Unity3D and the 3D models were all created in Qubicle 2.

Throughout the week long game jam I programmed the gameplay, helped design the characters, animated both the 3D characters visible on the big screen and the 2D characters on the phone screen and created particle effects. We are very proud of the game we produced during the game jam and we would love to work some more on the project if the five of us ever have the time.