Storyworld Jam 2014

Graphic Art by Caitlin Goodale

Graphic Art by Caitlin Goodale

What is Storyworld Jam

Storyworld Jam was a sell out 48 hour jam ran by myself, Andrew Reid and Gian Dbeis in July 2014 in the HMC in Dundee that allowed participants from a variety of creative fields to create any form of digital content in one space.

The Vision

Storyworld Jam (now dubbed Cross-media Jam) is to get creative minds to get out of their respective comfort zones, try something new and have fun doing it. The 2014 Jam was attended by 40 people and saw games, animations, live-action films, short stories and poems all created to the theme of 'Cure'. We hope to create a bigger and better event in 2015 with even more creative diversity.

Event management were handled by Andrew while Myself and Gian created the event idea and assisted with the event setup.

photos taken by Grant Reid

Press Coverage

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